Saturday, September 17, 2011

We watch so much gd TV, so much that we simply cannot write a sentence...

The Shows for fall of 2011, New and Continued from Last Year…

It is this bad.  This is how poorly my mind is able to even hold sentences together.  My son, Mr. Z and I are writing bad, half wittish television reviews.  It is true.


Up all Night: already on (stupid)… It amazes me how Will Arnette performs in supporting roles with such perfection, but when it comes time for him to shine, he is completely useless.  Yes, he is disappointing, but the show is beyond disappointing.  It is ridiculously painful.  The only people who might want to see this series are leftover Christina Applegate fans, boob men who were teens in the late eighties.

What we think as of 10/14: Mr. Z says this show suks.  I find it watchable.  It is not my favorite.  I like the friend, and I like watching Will Arnette just cuz he is adorable to me.  Mr. Z says that Mr. Arnette always plays the same character: "rich without deserving it."

New Girl: The Zooey show—not perfect, but definitely worth watching.  I was very relieved and almost proud that I had forced my fifty-two-year-old boyfriend to sit through an hour-and-a-half of Dirty Dancing earlier this summer.  It is for this reason that he cold have been able to happily sing along with the Zoey character during this series’ pilot production. Not that he did this.  At all.   It is my belief that you will, indeed, have the time of your life watching this new show. 

What we think as of now:   This show is on hiatus b/c of baseball. Mr Z says it is great.  I am not sure how great it is, but I do love Zooey Dashel. (sp.)

Revenge: 9/21—looking forward to it.  I have not seen this dark-haired beauty that is Madeline Stowe in much of anything for the past ten years.  The last time this actress struck me as perfectly talented was during her performance of 12 Monkeys, which I watched at least six times.  She was amazing in Short Cuts, too.

10/14: I completely fucking love this show.  

Pan Am: 9/25—Christina Ricci is the only part of this series that I am interested in, at all.  As it is a certain Mad Men copy, I do not hold onto much hope that it will deliver me from an iota of me real life anxiety, boredom.  What truly interests me here is scrutinizing how Christina Ricci has aged.  And I am wondering what her weight it right now.  As a former skinny turned pudgy, the opposite type girl fascinate me, a lot.

10/14: Fucking stoopid.  Cancelled already.  

Broke Girls: 9/21—This series looks funny to me, and it looks as though much of the setting will take place in a restaurant of a sort of low caliber, my most favorite type of place to eat.

10/14: Could hardly watch it, that bad.  

American Horror Story: 10/5—This series looks good, as the Friday Night Lights mom is in this.  It looks as though this mimics the early nineties, David Lynch directed, Twin Peaks.

10/14: Adore this.  

Enlightened: 10/10—This show features a fresh rehab graduate.  The star of the show is Laura Dern.  I am hoping that HBO “gets” that 12 step ideology is dbagcity, and my assumption is that they—in more ways than none—*do* understand this.  Laura Dern appears in trailers as a tra-la-la singer of all that is puppies and unicorns one moment, only to reappear as a borderline mascara-streamed faced lunatic the next.  I look forward to laughing my ass off.

10/14:  So fucking hard to watch, as Dern's character is so pathetic and clueless.  But the show is very true to the recovery personality type.  I think this show is a success thus far.  

Once Upon a Time: 10/23—This looks a bit stupid, but definitely looks watchable.  The young wife, Ginnifer Goodwin, from Big Love is on this.

10/14:  Still have not seen.  Premiers this Sunday, I think.  

Ringer: 9/13—This is the new “twin” show, think Buffy times 2.  I think I might actually pass on this.

10/14:  Have not seen it yet.  I might Amazon it when I get a chance.  

Suburgatory:  9/28—This show, featuring a teen girl with subversive, adorable qualities, looks freakin’ hilarious.  I am so looking forward to this.

10/14:  This is Mr. Z"s favorite thus far.  I think it is watchable.  LArry David's wife is freaking amazing.  But it is not my favorite.   

Hereafter: HBO –I am unsure about this new series, but something in the trailer has compelled me to try it …

10/14:  Not sure yet. 

Person of Interest: Show where Ben from Lost is the star.  Hmm? 9/22

10/14: I have watched this twice, maybe three times.  And all those times I was hardly paying attention, as I was this bored.  

Circle show: where the teens are witches--  And what a surprise, this show taking place in Washington, which is prolly filmed in Canada--Vancouver. I cannot help myself, I think I might have found a fave.  

10/14:  Utterly cheesy, but I really like it.  


Modern Family: 9/21—Funny, a lot of repeated jokes (example): the Dunphy family trying to fix their staircase.

The Office : 9/22 A great show, but they’ve lost star.                        

Parks and Rec: 9/22: We cannot wait.

Grey’ Anatomy: Do we really need to say a thing here, hm?

Parenthood: 9/13: Perfect—though decidedly trite—in almost every, possible way.             

Hung: 10/2—Cannot wait to see Miss Heche and her new antics, if any. 

Louie:  Louie Louie Louie Louie.  Need I say more? 

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