Saturday, September 17, 2011


My son is becoming too old; it is literally tearing my into pieces.

I feel claustrophobic right now living in this little, sports obsessed  town.  If had blond hair, big boobs, and a dumber mentality, I would be OK, but this is not the case.

I am obsessed with this blog, though the writer no longer writes it.  I have always wanted to be a carny.  According to the writer of this blog, and I believe him, I never woulda made it.  I am too much of a princess and I have a super hard time taking shit. is the blog:

Went to a corn maze today with my family.  I am having a hard time recognizing it is autumn.  I am sick on kettle corn.  The boy is playing his new football video game.  The old man just went in for a nap.  I need to get more serious about my writing.  But there is so much else to do, too.

Night Blogland.

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