Wednesday, October 5, 2011

To Read, To Read, To Read

I am not sure how to chronicle the books I've read in the distant past, the past, books I am reading currently, and the books I am thinking about reading.  I have only started to take this blog seriously very recently.  Though this is all a very trite, rough drafty-y, not even a rough draft-y, silly free write kinda blog, I am thinking about its actual contents more often, especially when I am walking at night.  And at some point I may even want to promote it. Really, it is a journal, a journal to get the cobwebs out of my screwy brain.  And most things written here are of the most cliche like, um, like ever.

Today, I just finished The Bitch Posse, by Martha O'Connor.  The story was almost great.  What was great: I could not put the book down.  What was sort of great, but not really: It was kind of like reading Jennifer Weiner, but if Jennifer Weiner had more edge.  The book and its reviews promise you that it is not chick lit, but in my opinion, it is.  I've seen the book various times; however, I thought it would be boring and poorly written.  Some of the writing is almost lyrical in parts.  But mostly, it seems like a sort of smart teenager wrote it.  And there was a lot of cliche writing in it, mostly the descriptions of the girls' thinking and feelings.  But these descriptions in many ways should be cliche, as they are from a teen perspective, and I think teens often see the world in a very cliche sort of way, as their life experience cannot bring them to the lucidity a more jaded adult would own. A reading blog convinced me to read this book.  Write after reading her blog, I ordered the book on the old man's kindle account.    Here is the link to the blog's mini essay/review about the book, and how it shaped her life, particularly her reading life.
I am not overly in love with her blog yet, but I found an online magazine she writes for, and love this. Here is the magazine:

The book's cover is compelling:

It's author, Martha O'Connor, has another book I might want to try:   .   It is called the Bitch Goddess Notebook.  It is not really chick lit, the book I have not yet read and the aforementioned novel, but teenage girl lit.  Lacking depth, particularly in its desperate attempt at depth.  Is a teen girl a chick yet?  Maybe she is. Pre chick lit.  Almost a chick lit.  Almost a chick chick lit.  

Here are other books I am looking forward to reading.  Or, books that I might read the first chapters of, and then will make my decision about reading.  I have already created a partial list several entris ago, when I chronicle my reading for 2011.  I might repeat some title; I am not going to worry about overlaps.  I got some of these titles while doing subject searches of psychological fiction and teen girls.  

  • The new Jeffrey Euginides book, The Marriage Plot which comes out in about a week
  • The Sisters Brothers, Patrick DeWitt (I loathe westerns, but it is for the b. group, ick!)
  • Man Stealing for Fat Girls
  • The Girl from Charnelle
  • Normal Girl
  • Serious Girls (Book about two outsides in a boarding school setting)
  • Stop the Girl
  • Hello Life
  • Foxfire (The J.C. Oates girl gang book.)
  • Stone Garden (boarding school setting)
  • Golden Grove, Francine Prose
  • The Perfect Age, Heather Skyler
  • When You Reach Me, Rebecca Stead
  • Alice Hoffman's new book.  Though I  worry it is more Red Garden-y than the Red Garden itself was.  I need another Story sisters novel.  The Dove Keepers.
  • The book that I think is British that has the word flowers in it.  The setting is group home.  It is on my FB page, as it a recommendation. 

I will add author's names later, or maybe I won't.  I just can't really open a novelist account, as I still use the library password the was the library's where I got fucking fired.  (Library directed equals total cunt fucking douche, btw.)

Another time, I will write about my short career as a librarian.  This is obviously part of the reason my blog is called what it is called. It is also a feeling I had so often as a young girl, teen, young adult, forever hiding living at the library, and then leaving after nightfall, flooded with excitement at all the new author's I had discovered.  Ready to face the word with my amazing ability to disappear, to become invisible because I knew I could read forever, my life away.  

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  1. The Bitch Goddess Notebook is actually an alternate title for The Bitch Posse! O'Connor was working on a novel about Tinkerbell (you know, from Peter Pan) the last time I checked, but that was several years ago. She seems to have somewhat dropped off the literary planet, save for the announcement of the film adaptation.

    I'm also glad you like The Literary Dilettantes :)

    I'm looking forward to The Marriage Plot as well!

    It looks like we have similar literary interests/tendencies. Pretty sure I own Hello Life (Andrea Koening yes?) Bought it years ago though I never got around to reading it. I also have Foxfire and Goldengrove. I tend to like books about youngish characters (teens and college aged) but written for adults. Not sure why. The book I'm most likely to read next (after The Night Circus, which is taking me long because I'm reading it with a friend in Australia and we keep pausing to discuss but missing each other online lol) is The Marriage Plot. Maybe we'll get to share thoughts about it! :D