Saturday, October 8, 2011

Erica Jong on Writing

I've never read Erica Jog, but always wanted to.  A.N.  and K.F.S. told me to read Fear of Flying.  My mother had it in our house growing up in our boing little college town.  This book, along with Summerhill and The Beans of Egypt Maine seemed to make an impression on her.  I was never encouraged to read it.  By the time I could have been seen reading it around the house without getting in trouble, I figured it was second wave feminist crap.  I am not sure if I still feel this way now.  I feel like women younger than me, hip women in their twenties are reading this.  Maybe it is making a come back?  I should read something by her.  Here is some writing advice that I've just pirated from her first chapter of  Seducing the De, mon:

  1. Have faith-- not cynicism.
  2. Take your mind off of publication. 
  3. Dare to dream.
  4. Write for joy.
  5. Get the reader to turn the page.
  6. Forget politics (let your real politics shine through.)
  7. Forget intellect.
  8. Forget ego.
  9. Be a beginner.
  10. Accept change.
  11. Don't think your mind needs altering.
  12. Don't expect approval for telling the truth.
I want to comment on this advice, but I have a migraine earlier today.  Thus, I am totally fucking beat.  I am also unable to put down the second Suzanne Collins novel for any longer than ten minutes.  

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