Wednesday, February 17, 2016

You ar a low life as is your daughter and the rest of yer DB Family

I have spent over a decade and a half chasing this idiot that I do not even feel attracted to.  I feel desperate for a family.  It is a biological impulse.  And I am easily manipulated.  I am not from a criminal, inbred family; thus, I am vulnerable for this dirt bag.

Here is the deal:

If I were to date a vulnerble, but adorable 23-year-old boy now, a boy with fucking mommy issues while I was ignoring my son... I would be you.  If I moved in with him and then tried to pass my parenting responsibilities of on this poor boy while the boy was saying, I will be as nice as possible, but I find your son creepy and spoiled, well, I would be you.

If I did nothing for Ezra's teeth and told him he was a genious so he would feel confident about something (though a fantasy only) I would be you.

I am better than you.  Your daughter is a half wit, pseudo intellectual phony.  Yer mother is a fucking inbred nutcase.  Yer father is a neaderthal..  And yer creepy attraction to your hideous looking sister's, ugly aerolas and all is ridiculous.  You belong with yer ex stripper gf.  Sad for poor little Pagan that the stripper was the only woman who wanetd her around.

There is a certain amount of hatred that creeps into my heart when I recall how hard it was to bond with Ezra when he was a baby b/c of M's mentally unstable and narcissistic daughter.  Occassionally, I will feel empathy about her life.  But mostly: nope. Dear Pagan,  the one thing in my life that has made sense is to keep you the FUCK away from my son.  You are an ugly, creepy, borderline disordered wannabe.  Get this:  Your dad loves Ezra so much fucking more than you it is sad.  Nobody WANTS YOU AROUND AT ALL and they never, ever have.  My son thinks your creepy and weird.  If anything, he is afraid of you.  No one has stolen him from you, ugly twat.  I've protected him from you.

You are a buck-toothed ugly girl who ppl. feel bad for.  Nobody admires you.  And get this:  you are not smart.  At all.  You were too fat and ugly to attend high school, freakshow.  I was sad that you did not kill yourself.  I am hoping you still will.

If you think your "trailer park" daddy--the heroin addict--has time for your annoying FB tirades, you are more pathetic than ever.  You are fat, lazy, stupid, and nothing more than an unwanted, annoying pest.  Again, I am sad that you did not take your life while you were a fat, ugly teenager.

I wish I had more love in my heart surrounding her.  But I do not.

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